Karen Farquharson

Director Proving Services

Karen is founding director of Proving Services, a research-based consultancy formed in 2003. Based on academic research, industry best practice and client experience, Proving has developed sector-leading, research-based tools and processes for the evaluation of strategic options, innovation and business change projects and programmes, value for money and value chain relationships.

In 2015, Proving established the Future Highways Research Group (FHRG) which now comprises 35 LHA members. The FHRG is a forum for members to share knowledge and ideas aimed at addressing the key issues and opportunities facing the sector. As a result of the discussions, the FHRG strategic research programme has been developed of which Human Capital Management is an agreed priority research theme.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday 15 June 2022


Highways Sector Human Capital Management Research Programme: Understanding the scale of the problem and identifying solutions

12:20 - 12:40 Diversity and Skills Highways Theatre

The Highways sector is facing a human capital crisis with a critical number of vacancies and skills shortages. The problem is immediate and urgent. In March 2022, Proving Services, in conjunction with the Future Highways Research Group (FHRG), ADEPT and with our contributing partners (academic institutions, chartered institutes, public sector organisations and private sector partners) launched a research programme which aims to provide empirical evidence to highlight the scale of the challenge, the drivers and causes and describe the consequences and impact if the issues are not addressed. The second stage of the research will identify, assess and document proposed solutions and changes.

This session will present in detail the scope and objectives of the research, the findings to-date and the proposed next steps. Proving are keen to understand other similar initiatives being undertaken within the sector and ensure that the findings and conclusions are aligned.

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