Professor Glenn Lyons

Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility University of West of England

Glenn Lyons is the Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility at UWE Bristol. Spanning between academia and practice, he specialises in addressing transport sector developments in the context of ongoing and uncertain social and technological change. He has helped bring forward the ‘decide and provide’ transport planning paradigm and led the development of FUTURES – a six-stage vision-led approach to strategic planning for an uncertain world. He is the overall co-ordinator of the three-year pan-European project ‘Triple Access Planning for an Uncertain World’ ( He is a member of the Welsh Roads Review Panel, and has previously held senior-level secondment positions in the UK Department for Transport and the New Zealand Ministry of Transport.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday 15 June 2022


Panel Discussion: Travel Behaviour - Impacts on end of traditional commuting

10:20 - 11:00 Sustainability Transport Network/Mobility Theatre
  • Consumer demand and traffic modelling and analytics: how to move people in more efficient ways
  • Impacts on the business case for building new roads
  • Nudge/demand management to move people to other modes of transport
  • Impacts on interfaces, red/green light phases, junction size, design/width of roads etc.
  • Mobility pricing
  • Active travel and impacts being built into new manual for the streets

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