Highways Heroes: A win-win for all

During the first lockdown in April of this year, IHE junior vice president Ellie Gormley had no time to sit and enjoy the sun; she was busy shopping for eight vulnerable residents in her local area of Rugeley, Staffordshire.

It became apparent from my neighbourly contacts that some local residents were not able to access a shopping delivery spot for themselves, and needed assistance in getting essential provisions such as milk and bread delivered.

Each resident would call me and give me a list of what they wanted and I would go twice a week (trying to negotiate the queues and picking the quieter days to shop, which were usually Wednesdays and Sundays for some reason), then deliver their goods and have a chat on the doorstep.

Other large supermarkets are available

Being a member of Lichfield and District Soroptimists, I encouraged several of my fellow members to join in and they were doing the same for residents in their localities. Collectively we just felt we were helping out the community and making a very small difference.

In order that I didn’t handle any money, the residents agreed to pay me through bank transfer.

It was so very rewarding as sometimes I was the only person these residents had seen all week. They welcomed the chat and friendly face. I have also made some new friends through it and have regular chats with them.

A win-win for all.

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