North Lanarkshire tenders £5.7bn place-shaping partnership deal

North Lanarkshire Council has tendered a £5.7bn commercial place-shaping partnership contract, which would last 20 years with the option to extend for a further five.


The council is proposing to establish an Enterprise Strategic Commercial Partnership (ESCP) to provide strategic advice and services, the delivery of asset maintenance services, management and delivery of projects.

Roads maintenance and winter services are included in the core services of the contract, which will also include other infrastrucure elements including housing maintenance and corporate maintenance.

The council said it has 'an ambitious vision to re-invent North Lanarkshire as the place to live, learn, work, invest and visit' and aims to implement a vision that enables 'inclusive economic growth and prosperity through an ambitious programme of regeneration and infrastructure investment'.

The contract notice states: 'The council is seeking a private sector partner (the Commercial Partner or PSP) to create a long term strategic commercial place shaping partnership to provide an innovative new approach to the delivery of a full range of interconnected property, community asset and infrastructure investment to support its ambitions to revitalise its communities.'

A competitive dialogue process will be used for the procurement, which is generally weighted 80% quality, 20% price.

The council intends to invite five candidates to participate in the dialogue.

Partnering Services to be provided by the ESCP will include:

  1. Strategic Services — providing a range of professional services to develop strategy and policy, develop business cases, conduct feasibility studies, source finance and external funding, develop procurement strategy, and manage social impact.
  2.  Delivery Management Services — providing a range of professional to conduct procurement exercises, provide project management and programme management services, and commercial management services.
  3.  Integrator / Operator Services – providing a range of professional services to manage a supply chain for partnering services, core services, core projects and programmes, and deliver and manage partnering services, core services, and core projects and programmes.

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