Oxfordshire puts £8m into 20mph plans

Oxfordshire County Council has approved an £8m budget to support its 20mph speed limit roll-out.

The council's 2022/23 budget included funding for a three-year programme to support the implementation of 20mph roads, with the cash helping pay for 'sign-only measures'.

Cllr Pete Sudbury and Cllr Bearder unveil a sign in Long Wittenham

Cllr Tim Bearder, Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for highways management, said: 'To encourage cycling and walking we are investing £8m in a programme to make 20mph the new normal in residential areas across Oxfordshire. We are also putting aside £6m to support our bid to government with the bus companies for electric buses.

'We recognise that if people are to willingly leave their cars at home, we must provide exceptional alternative forms of transport. Under this alliance no-one will be left behind as we move towards a more sustainable people-centric transport network.'

Oxfordshire's cabinet approved a new 20mph roll-out policy in October 2021 and since then 70 communities have applied to the scheme.

Officers are now developing a programme to deliver the first tranche, which will include 20mph schemes within Oxford and around many of its towns and rural villages.

The scheme is free to town and parish councils, with the county funding the sign changes as long as the new locations meet agreed criteria for 20mph restrictions.

Town and parish councils will be expected to fund any traffic calming measures or speed-activated signs that may be required.

Applications for 20mph streets and roads need to be supported by the parish or town council and by the relevant local county councillor.

Oxfordshire CC has already launched 20mph pilots in Cuxham, Long Wittenham and Wallingford Central and similar pilot schemes are planned for Wallingford North and Kirtlington.

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