Restructured Nynas to face future trends

Bitumen supplier Nynas has hailed its new streamlined operations following a restructure that merged the Nordic, UK and Western European businesses into a single organisation.

The changes were among the first actions of the new vice president of Nynas Bitumen, Rafael Renaudeau.

Its single operation for these European regions handles sales, operations, technical support, marketing and communications.

In a statement, Nynas said this was an 'important step in giving our bitumen business better conditions to meet the strong trends we see in the market, primarily digitisation, sustainability and changes in the supply/demand balance'.

Regional and local sales teams have also been consolidated to work more closely with customers.

These changes are based on four sales regions – Scandinavia, Finland and Baltics, Western Europe and Poland and the UK – which work closely together and exchange information.

'With the new organisation in place, we can launch new projects to ensure that our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We want to focus on and deliver what creates value for them. This is how we will build a stronger Nynas Bitumen,' said Mr Renaudeau.

'I believe that this new structure will enable Nynas Bitumen to better adapt to the changing business environment and build a solid future on that foundation. In the short-term, my hope is that our customers will find a more consistent Nynas in all our markets,' said Marko Sallinen, recently named sales director for Finland and the Baltic.

Benny Jandér, who is responsible for the Scandinavian Region, added: 'The new organisation allows us to respond faster to a dynamic bitumen market. That means that our customers will find a more streamlined Nynas, based on best practice from all markets where we are present. But at the same time, we maintain our local presence and the close collaboration with our customers that has always been our strength.'

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