Sneak preview of automated cone laying machine in action

King Highway has posted a ‘sneak preview’ video of its automated cone layer vehicle online.

The specialist traffic management vehicle and equipment supplier said it has been working with partners Verdegro Group, HW Martin (Traffic Management) Limited and Kier Highways.

In a LinkedIn post, it said its KingCone prototype vehicle is currently undergoing testing ‘and more information will follow in the coming weeks and months’.

The project is one of two automated cone laying products whose development is being funded by Highways England. The other, created by Highway Care, was trialled on the strategic road network last year.

Highways England is establishing a minimum standard while the companies themselves are developing the vehicles.

The government-owned company’s criteria stipulate that the machines must offer a safer method for highways workers and be safe for all road users and pose no further risk to traffic.

The vehicles must also be able to lay or collect at least 400 cones at a rate of one every 10 seconds.

Highways England has said that if the tests prove successful the two companies will be able to take their vehicles to the marketplace.

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