Transport Network's magnificent seven

Hello from the Transport Network team.

We have reached our seventh birthday and, as you may have noticed, we had a little redesign (like a spa day for websites), so we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your readership and for supporting us over the years.

Since 2013, we have written thousands of news stories, broken scores of exclusives, and put out hundreds of news bulletins. Our staff have gone on to work for MPs, for government, and as editors for other top magazines. We have trained apprentices and celebrated causes and, we hope, have given transport more of a voice.

We were born out of the Surveyor magazine readership but quickly developed a brand of our own. We now top Google searches (it's a great name, we are sure you agree) and have gone from a subscriber list of several thousand to tens of thousands for our e-bulletins, securing close to 40,000 hits a month these days.

However, we have never changed our editorial mission statement - to provide professionals and the public with independent news you can trust. We believe in transport as a force for good, with the capacity to improve our lives and livelihoods and support society in ever safer, greener and more accessible ways.

Transport is a derived demand. What this really means is all our complex engineering and modelling, hard work and hard choices, all the movement of people, goods and services and the discussion of time and motion, all of that is really just about helping you be you, whoever you are and wherever you are going, or even if you are letting things come to you.

We hope we have helped transport on its own journey these last seven years and we hope you have enjoyed the ride. Most of all, during these difficult times, we hope we have helped the sector and our communities become stronger and work closer together.

It's possible the industry will change dramatically in the next few years, but our communities will always need us so we have to get on with the job. So please stay tuned and check in with us for all your news and analysis over the next seven years. Who knows, there could be flying cars by then?

Safe travels everyone.

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